Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sun 2nd Feb - Visit the holes up Kahui Track

The best turn out we have had for a while:  2 Frewins,  3 Wades,  2 Sinclairs,  5 Adamsons =
8 Adults and 4 Grandchildren.
A 10.30am start and the young ones take the lead till we have a food stop at the track junction while the two  track cleaners catch up.
We find the turn off to the lower hole – very impressive  then it was time for lunch.

Heading for the next one Sharon finds the turn off and with a little more difficulty we find the second hole. Even more impressive, my guess 5 plus metres deep.
Len A gave a very convincing explanation as to how they were made – A very tall tree was growing there when a lahar engulfed it, then the tree has rotted away. (Sounds pretty believable to me)
With lots of other things to see along the way, including a big black and yellow helicopter? Oops! Dragonfly!!   The grandies were kept amused and it was a pleasure to have them with us. We all had a very good day.
Return trip 5hours ± didn’t they do well.
Adventure does begin @ K.O.P.A.C.
Story by Newton, photos by Jacqui

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